Minggu, 28 Desember 2014

Western Likes Having Asian Face

For looks Asia, a foreigner willing to plastic surgery 10 times. This is done by a young man the 25-year-old Brazilian who is crazy about Korean popular culture. Youth are now called by the name of this Xiahn very crazy and loved Korea.

Xiahn reportedly come infected trend of plastic surgery in South Korea after being pelajad exchange student there. That's why Xiahn want to transform itself into the Asian-looking. And undergo various procedures to perform plastic surgery to change his face like most Korean people such jang geun suk plastic surgery in general.

Whereas in South Korea alone many people who want plastic surgery to change his face into a look of Caucasians, or duplicity caucasian race. However Xiahn the contrary, he wants to face Korea. When beginning he tried to undergo the procedure in Brazil are also many doctors who do not understand about this ask and repeatedly rejected before finding that agrees. Xiahn rumored to have undergone about 10 surgeries to change his facial features ranging from silicone implants, lip and other operations.

"At first, my mother was also very surprised and did not like when I had surgery. But now finally it did not matter, because I'm happy he thinks is important, "said Xiahn released Globo. "Regardless of what others believe, I just believe that life only once, and if you can not be what it is like I want, I'll probably never be able to die later, right?" He added.

Various responses from netizens and the people around him about the changing face into Asian operations performed Xiahn. Starting from the negative response it strange and too fanatical in Korea. However Xiahn kept trying to ignore it, and remains proud of his new face now.

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