Kamis, 12 November 2015

Do Jennifer Lopez Denies Plastic Surgery

Latin-blooded female singer duet with Pitt Bull dilagu 'Live It Up', Jennifer Lopez, has denied that he has had plastic surgery.This statement she catapult after photos of herself uploaded by twitter account on behalfDrAyoubi. The twitter account to upload two photos of Jennifer. One photo was taken from 1995 and one more photo taken from the year 2012.The second image is intended to compare the appearance of Jennifer in 1995 which has a face pale and thin eyebrows, while the appearance of Jennifer Lopez in 2012 looks cheerful countenance. It seems that he wants to prove to the audience. There are changes that occur in Jennifer Lopez.As reported from Fishwrapper.com, Tuesday (05/11/2013), Jennifer denied rumors circulating directly through personal twitter account. He showed immediate objections toDrAyoubi twitter account, writing "Sorry, I is not never do plastic surgery before. #fakta"Some fans of Jennifer also provides a response to the rumors circulating in this virtual world. As shownhudsonbuster twitter account, "Sorry, I think this is a good makeup, not because of plastic surgery."And on Tuesday (05/11/2013) local time, the ownerDrAyoubi twitter account has been clarified by writing an apology for the incident to accountJLo, "With respect, I apologize to all the fansJLo and Jennifer. I wanted to straighten out to everyone that the upload and write about Jennifer Twitt plastic surgery is not me, but my assistant. My assistant who has done it and he did without the knowledge of me. "

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