Kamis, 12 November 2015

Cameron Diaz: Plastic Surgery Destructive Character

Hollywood star Cameron Diaz can not understand why so many people want to do plastic surgery to change his appearance, the article of plastic surgery believes she can 'destroy' the character of a person.CHARLIE'S ANGLES star is forced to fix the nose with last year after experiencing breathing maslaah, but insisted he never chose to change anything in the future, even though he became increasingly older. Although it was Cameron Diaz plastic surgery."Ah! Did you ever see a show where the ordinary orag want to look like Britney Spears or Brad Pitt? What possessed them to want to ruin his own character? Doing plastic surgery, well, it memuakan," he said."I had to operate on my nose because of respiratory problems, but I would never do anything. I think that beauty comes from within. When I see women who perform plastic surgery I find it rude. That looks just surgery. Someone who has done it disappeared. I do not want to look like that, "said the star.

Lee Min Ho Story

I had a dream when I was bearing Min Ho, the dream scene is a plateau of chilli ground. Although the hospital did not gave me the sex of my child, but since having that dream, I was confident that it should be a son. I don’t normally like to eat meat, but for some strange reasons, I liked it a lot during my pregnancy period. I ate beef every four days and now Lee Min Ho’s favourite dish is chilli with beef. Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery also has some experience about plastic surgery.

Min Ho was 3.2kg when he was born, a little lighter than the average newborn babies. His health was toward the weaker side from young till his elementary school stage. His Bronchus had some problems, therefore he is prone to cold whenever the season changes. And also, no matter how much food he ate, he just couldn’t get fat. I’m of blood type A, his body and personalities are very similar to me.

He doesn’t eat a lot, nutritional tonics were given to him almost every season. We gave him a lot of food just like what others did to their child but he just can’t grow fat. He was always very shy with strangers and very sensitive. Therefore, I always had to carry him around and coax him.

Lee Min Ho Nose Job is especially beautiful when young. His eyes were bigger than his elder sister, his nose was high as well. The earliest signs showing his talent of being an actor was during young, due of his eloquence. Although his sister is fluent in her speech, Min Ho had learned to talk much earlier. When he was still in his infancy stage, he could quickly detect moving objects. The very first time he called “mom” was also about 3 to 4 months faster than an average child.

Do Jennifer Lopez Denies Plastic Surgery

Latin-blooded female singer duet with Pitt Bull dilagu 'Live It Up', Jennifer Lopez, has denied that he has had plastic surgery.This statement she catapult after photos of herself uploaded by twitter account on behalfDrAyoubi. The twitter account to upload two photos of Jennifer. One photo was taken from 1995 and one more photo taken from the year 2012.The second image is intended to compare the appearance of Jennifer in 1995 which has a face pale and thin eyebrows, while the appearance of Jennifer Lopez in 2012 looks cheerful countenance. It seems that he wants to prove to the audience. There are changes that occur in Jennifer Lopez.As reported from Fishwrapper.com, Tuesday (05/11/2013), Jennifer denied rumors circulating directly through personal twitter account. He showed immediate objections toDrAyoubi twitter account, writing "Sorry, I is not never do plastic surgery before. #fakta"Some fans of Jennifer also provides a response to the rumors circulating in this virtual world. As shownhudsonbuster twitter account, "Sorry, I think this is a good makeup, not because of plastic surgery."And on Tuesday (05/11/2013) local time, the ownerDrAyoubi twitter account has been clarified by writing an apology for the incident to accountJLo, "With respect, I apologize to all the fansJLo and Jennifer. I wanted to straighten out to everyone that the upload and write about Jennifer Twitt plastic surgery is not me, but my assistant. My assistant who has done it and he did without the knowledge of me. "