Kamis, 12 November 2015

Cameron Diaz: Plastic Surgery Destructive Character

Hollywood star Cameron Diaz can not understand why so many people want to do plastic surgery to change his appearance, the article of plastic surgery believes she can 'destroy' the character of a person.CHARLIE'S ANGLES star is forced to fix the nose with last year after experiencing breathing maslaah, but insisted he never chose to change anything in the future, even though he became increasingly older. Although it was Cameron Diaz plastic surgery."Ah! Did you ever see a show where the ordinary orag want to look like Britney Spears or Brad Pitt? What possessed them to want to ruin his own character? Doing plastic surgery, well, it memuakan," he said."I had to operate on my nose because of respiratory problems, but I would never do anything. I think that beauty comes from within. When I see women who perform plastic surgery I find it rude. That looks just surgery. Someone who has done it disappeared. I do not want to look like that, "said the star.

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